"A bird's-eye view of military operations and a window into the life and mindset of a soldier. Blair gives civilians, if not the actual experience of war, then an understanding of it."

"In her new memoir, Hesitation Kills, [Blair] tells of her transformation from a sheltered, privileged daughter of a Manhattan lawyer and an artist who were members of Andy Warhol's social circle to a steel-nerved combat veteran."
--New York Post

"Jane Blair gives us a fascinating account of her experience as a Marine in Iraq.  Hesitation Kills is a gripping read!"
--Nina Godiwalla, author of "Suits: A Woman on Wall Street"


"Blair's.... eloquence in examining the grim emotional costs of military service makes this a timely, moving, and eye-opening work. Best suited to readers interested in women in the military, UAVs, the Marine Corp, or Operation Iraqi Freedom."
--Library Journal

"An extraordinary example of the passionate modern day Marine leader and female warrior.  Not only can she write like a seasoned and inspiring author, she could whip GI Jane's butt!"
--Dalton Fury - Bestselling author of "Kill Bin Laden"

"One marine's on-the-ground account of her pride in being part of a military history...Blair writes with honesty as she describes feeling fear during her first experiences in battle."
--Publisher's Weekly


This riveting memoir is the first book written by a female Marine about the war in Iraq and one of the only books written by a woman who has experienced combat firsthand. Deploying to Iraq in 2003, Jane Blair’s aerial reconnaissance unit was assigned to travel ahead of and alongside combat units throughout the initial phase of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Throughout her deployment, Jane kept a journal of her and her fellow lieutenants’ combat experiences, which she draws on to convey the immediacy of life in the military, not just for a woman but for all Marines.

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