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  1. Nicholas Efstathiou

    Site looks good, Jane!

  2. Marvin Jones

    Looking forward to reading your book! I love the website.
    Semper Fi.
    Marvin Jones

  3. kate Armstrong

    The website is very nice and very professional, you’re always on the right track

  4. Alexis Jones

    Thanks for the fantastic book, looking forward to your next one!

  5. Casey Davis

    The web site is awesome…More so, thank you for sharing your experiences in print. As a veteran and teacher, I love having as many first-person, primary sources to share with my middle school students. Your book will be one that I recommend regularly to my students and fellow teachers, a refer to in class.

  6. Great web site and i like your Book. I hope to get it signed someday MAJ

  7. Im a poolee for the Marine Corps I leave for bootcamp in December. I really loved your book and I hope im as good of a marine as you are. You really made an impact on me. Thank you for writing such an amazing book. -ashley

  8. Pamela Bowman

    I read your book, I enjoyed it very much, you are great Jane, your website is really cool too, thanks for every thing

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